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About Us

AerRianta International the operator of The Loop Duty Free is acknowledged and respected as one of the world's leading airport retailing specialists. AerRianta International has earned its global reputation through its flexible and enterprising business culture.
AerRianta International was formed in 1988 as a dedicated international division of the Irish State-owned airports authority, AerRianta Cpt., now known as the Dublin Airport Authority. Aer Rianta International has built on over 60 years experience of travel retailing. Since then, either as concessionaire, manager or operations partner, AerRianta International has actively promoted airport retailing in many countries. AerRianta International is currently engaged in modern retail centers at major airports in Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Since acquiring operations at Montreal, Halifax, and Winnipeg in 1998, ARI North America (ARINA), a wholly owned subsidiary of ARI, has maintained its position as one of the leading players in the Canadian market. Bold new merchandising and exclusive products are incorporated into the product mix. The objective is to combine luxury appeal and customer interaction. The store strategy is to focus on meeting consumers’ needs. Sales consultants are posted in each area of the shop guiding consumers through the choices on offer.

Halifax Duty Free

Our The Loop Duty Free Website adds a new dimension to the exceptional customer experience we strive to deliver.

We showcase major international brands in the following categories:
  • Liquor
  • Wines & Champagne
  • Tobacco and related products
  • White spirits
  • Local Products
  • Confectionery
  • Gourmet products
There is a focus on ‘Concierge Retailing’ to help travelers to make fast, informed decisions, even before they reach the shop.

Our promise is one of high quality products and attentive customer service.